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General Land Hermit Crab Care Sheet

A general Land Hermit Crab care sheet.

By Connor L from Scotland on Tuesday 28th July 2009

General Land Hermit Crab Information 

Native to: America

Size: Can grow as big as a tennis ball.

Life Span: 10-15 years (have been known to live 25 years old in captivity).

General Appearance

One large claw for pinching and for protection (as when they go in to there shell the large claw covers there whole body).
One small claw for pinching and eating.
They have 4 legs.
The two front legs have a strand of thick hair that can not be cut (or they will die).

Housing Requirements:

Enclosure: Glass aquariums are good to use and are easy to clean, some people use plastic tanks but these are a no go (as this causes problems - they love to climb. You need a secure lid as they can climb up a 180° angle if they are given somthing to climb on). They WILL DIE if they live alone but a pair can be kept in a 5 gallon tank. A hide is a MUST. They can live in groups of 2 or more.

Temperature: 25oc-30oc (this can be done by using a good heat mat).

Heat/Light: No lighting is needed, but a good heat is needed.

Substrates: You need to use calci sand .At least three times the size of the largest land hermit crab.

Environment: A mist of water is needed and a heat mat.

Diet: They can eat pinkie and fish and most fruit but not sour fruits.

Treats: The following can be given only as treats. Ice cream cones/wafers(with no chocolate on them), peanut butter and kiwi.

Maintenance: Clean of the enclosure. Bowls must be clean with fresh water. Handlers is fine but if it is noisy or if they get spooked they will pinch.

Breeding: Sadly we do not know enough about these wee critters to breed them. So sadly breeding is close to impossible.