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Your First Invert

Welcome to the amazing world of invert keeping! If you’re looking to keep something a little bit different then you’re in the right place.

Compared to the more common household pets, invertebrates are noiseless, odourless and non time consuming animals. Before committing to buying any invert there are still some important things you should consider.

What is the best type of invert for you?

Animal TypeProsCons
Beetles Feeding is simple, use jelly pots for adults and special substrates for larvae, both of which we sell. General maintenance is twice weekly, spraying and feeding. Housing costs can be kept low using our tailored starter kits. They don’t need company, but some species can be kept in social groups (see our caresheets) and can cost as little as £2-3 each. Short lived 1-2 years and often spends more time in the pupae stage than as an adult.
Millipedes These animals consume a lot of decaying woods, leaf litter and mosses. Along with ‘some’ fruit and veg (species specific). Most food items can be collected by hand, so maintenance costs can be kept to a minimum. Housing can be a basic plastic terrarium or better still one of our starter kits. Lifespan is unknown but we estimate most species don’t live beyond 3-5 years. Best kept in groups for viewing purposes and can cost as little as £6 each.
Praying Mantis Mantis are quite short lived animals (12-18 months approx.). No fancy housing or additional heating is required. Cost can be as little as £6 each.
Tarantulas Huge variety of different species available to cover all experience levels. Some species are considered handleable. Housing costs can be kept low using our tailored starter kits. Spiderlings can cost as little as £3 each.

Recommended species for beginners

Animal TypeSpecies
Cockroaches  Madagascan Hissing CockroachesDeaths Head Cockroach,
Millipedes African Giant Black Millipedes, Amber Millipedes, Chocolate Millipedes, Giant Fire Millipedes, Vietnamese Rainbow Millipedes,
Praying Mantis  

Have you got time?

If you’re someone who has a busy life but enjoys having a little bit of nature by your side, then invert keeping could be for you. Unlike most other pets, invert maintenance is routinely one to three times a week at the very most.

We do provide care sheets for many species and are happy to give advice freely to all of our customers. You must remember though that while invert keeping maybe simpler when compared to other exotic species. You still need to be dedicated and do some independent research.

Conflicting advice

Simply make a list of your questions you want to know and contact us. The team at Exotic-Pets.co.uk are dedicated to ensuring you have the right information, suitable pet, equipment and enjoy your first invert keeping experience.

General positives of invert keeping

  • Space required for housing is minimal
  • Inexpensive housing and equipment
  • Cheap to feed and maintain
  • Often more suitable for children as a first exotic pet

If you’re looking for something to pet or cuddle, then an invert is not for you….