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Your First Invert

A quick insight into invert keeping and how to get started.

Compared to the more common household pets, invertebrates are noiseless, odourless and non time consuming animals. But before committing to buying any invert there are still some important things you should consider.

What is the best type of invert for you?

 Beetle Pros

Feeding is simple. Use jelly pots for adults and special substrates for larvae, both of which we sell. General maintenance is twice weekly, spraying and feeding. Housing costs can be kept low using our tailored starter kits. They don’t need company, but some species can be kept in social groups (see our caresheets) and can cost as little as £2-3 each.

 Beetle Cons
Short lived 1-2 years and often spends more time in the pupae stage than as an adult.

Recommended species for beginners


Millipede Pros
Millipede Cons