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Rough Green Snake

Rough Green Snake
Opheodryas aestivus

Smooth and Rough Green Snakes are becoming a popular species to keep. Unlike most snakes that need to be feed on mice, these eat live insects. If you keep lizards, why not try keeping one.

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What does the Smooth Green Snake look like?

This slim, smooth grass snake is bright green in colour, with yellow on the underside and along the mouth. Their eyes are very distinctive and seem to stand out. When adult, they reach a size of 650mm (25.5"). Their tail is very long and thin, which helps them to grip around plants while searching for food.

I have to say, these snakes are very nice looking!

Where are Smooth Green Snakes it from?

They range from southeast America and northeast Canada.

You will find this snake in bushes and grass in lush semi-moist areas. They need a daytime temperature of 25-30C (77-86F) with a drop down to 20C (68F) during the night. Spray lightly twice per day to maintain a humidity of 70-80%, make sure there is a dry area. Provide a tray with moist peat and moss, this will help with the humidity levels.

What a nice looking grass snake!

Are Smooth Green Snakes easy to keep?

Yes, as long as you have the correct set up. Due to this species mainly being wild collected, you should have a closest to possible set-up and try not to disturb them too much. As they become settled and are feeding you can slowly get them use to be handled, but I'll warn you, they can be fast!

Providing them with a well-planted terrarium, a large water area and as mentioned above, a tray with peat and moss. Artificial plants can be used, but I feel that this species of snake would do better with real plants and branches. They hide in wait for passing food in between the plants or sometimes in the substrate.

For food, no more defrosting mice, these eat live insects with the occasional small lizard and amphibian. It's best to vary their diet as best as you can via commercial live foods or by collecting your own. They will eat spiders, but try not to feed them too many. If they refuse one insect, try another species.

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