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Light Fittings and Reflectors for sale

All basking bulbs require some sort of bulb fixture, whether its a simple fitting mounted to the roof of a vivarium, or a reflector lamp.

Arcadia Ceramic Reflector Clamp Lamp
Arcadia Ceramic Reflector Clamp LampExtra long reflector domePrices from£19.99
A ceramic lamp holder and spun reflector. A fully inclusive kit containing everything you need to fit mercury vapour lamps (and other light and heat sources) over an open table or within a vivarium.
Exo Terra Glow Light Clamp Lamp and Reflectors
Exo Terra Glow Light Clamp Lamp and Reflectors0Prices from£20.47
The inside of the reflector is coated with a reflective luminous coating that continues to glow long after the lamp is turned off.
Exo Terra Light Bracket
Exo Terra Light BracketLight dome support fixturePrices from£13.49
The Exo Terra Light Bracket is the perfect solution to using the Exo Terra Light Domes effectively. The fixture effectively suspends the Light Dome above the Terrarium increasing ventilation and improving bulb life.
Exo Terra Light Dome
Exo Terra Light DomeReflector domePrices from£19.79
Reflector dome than has a polished aluminium reflector which increases light output. Great for use with Exo Terra Terrariums and Exo Terra Light Brackets.
Exo Terra Wire Light
Exo Terra Wire LightPorcelain Wire LampPrices from£26.62
The Exo Terra Wire Light has a heat resistant porcelain socket which can withstand up to 250 Watts.
ProRep Ceramic Lamp Holder
ProRep Ceramic Lamp HolderFor basking bulbs or ceramic lampsPrices from£12.79
A quality ceramic lamp holder complete with silicone cable. Suitable for high wattage basking bulbs and ceramic heat emitters.
ProRep Spot Lamp Holder
ProRep Spot Lamp Holder For basking bulbsPrices from£6.39
ProRep spot lamp holder, an easy way to provide effective heating requirements within your vivarium.
ProRep Universal Lamp Holder Bracket
ProRep Universal Lamp Holder BracketFor mounting lamp holdersPrices from£7.99
This bracket has been designed to solve the problem of fixing ceramic light fittings into vivariums quickly and easily.
Zoo Med Deep Dome Combo 2-Pack
Zoo Med Deep Dome Combo 2-PackExtra long reflector domePrices from£30.63
Dual deep dome fixture allowing different bulb combinations to be used.
Zoo Med Deep Dome Lamp Fixture
Zoo Med Deep Dome Lamp FixtureExtra long reflector domePrices from£21.44
The Deep Dome Lamp Fixture features an extra long reflector dome that extends beyond the face of the lamp, preventing the lamp from sticking out. Ideal for use with mercury vapour bulbs.
Zoo Med Lamp Stand
Zoo Med Lamp StandLight dome support fixturePrices from£21.14
The Zoo Med Reptile Lamp Stand is the perfect solution to suspending clamp lamp fixtures or drippers above your enclosure. Available in two different sizes.

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