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Grey Rat Snake

Grey Rat Snake
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Elaphe obsoleta spiloides

The Grey Rat Snake have a light coloured background with dark dorsal saddles. They can be found from Florida to Mississippi in America.

What does the Grey Rat Snake look like?

Grey Rat Snakes are a typical looking snake. Colouration can vary greatly, usually they consist of tan, brown, white or grey with dark grey or black blotches. Youngsters patterning is more distinctive, this fades as they mature. There is one colour known as Oak Phase, they are very light in colour. They average at a size of 122-152cm (48-60 inch) but have been known to reach 213cm (84 inch).

Where are Grey Rat Snake from?

Gray Rat Snakes are semi-arboreal, they tend to spend time climbing and can often be found in trees. They are native to America and can be found in Indiana, southern Illinois, Mississippi, and Georgia.

How do you keep Grey Rat Snakes?

Grey Rat Snakes are hardy and easy to care for, this makes them an ideal beginner snake.

Baby and yearling Grey Rat Snakes can be kept in plastic tanks such as the Exo Terra Faunariums, with a heat mat placed under one third of the enclosure connected to a thermostat. As they grow, provide a vivarium of at least 30x15x15" for one adult.

We recommend using aspen bedding as the substrate, however you can use beech chippings, orchid bark or a mix between soil and bark. Provide hiding places in the form of caves and cork bark, along with climbing branches. You can also provide a humidity box or a snake cave, this will help when the snake is due to shed its skin.

A daytime temperature of 25-27C (77-80.6F), with a basking area reaching 30C (86F) should be provided. Night time temperature should be lowered to between 20-22C (68-71.8F). If using basking bulbs, these must be connected to a thermostat and be protected with a guard. Most snake tend to climb around them, this can cause serious burns.

Water should be checked daily and replaced if dirty. Baby Grey Rat Snakes will feed on mouse pinkies every 4-5 days. As they grow, increase the food size and the amount of days between feeding. Adults will take x-large mice or weaner rats every 12-14 days.

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