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Ceramics Heaters for sale

If you wish to maintain a constant temperature in your vivarium but with no visible light, then this is the category for you.

Exo Terra Ceramic Heat Emitter
Exo Terra Ceramic Heat EmitterCeramic heat bulbPrices from£23.02
The Exo Terra Heat Wave Lamp is a radiant heat source which creates a natural sun-like heat with a uniform pattern.
ProRep Ceramic Heater
ProRep Ceramic Heater24hr infra red heatPrices from£19.99
Provides essential infra red energy to aid digestion and vitamin D3 synthesis.
Reptile Systems Ceramic Heat Lamp
Reptile Systems Ceramic Heat LampSuitable as a constant heat sourcePrices from£12.79
Perfect for increasing and maintaining vivarium temperatures.
Zoo Med Nano Ceramic Heat Emitter
Zoo Med Nano Ceramic Heat EmitterFor use with nano fixturesPrices from£13.59
Low wattage ceramic bulbs for use with the new Zoo Med Nano Dome Lamp Fixtures.