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Spotted Python

Spotted Python
Antaresia maculosa

A popular species of Australian python, well known in the hobby for its docile temperament and small size.

EnvironmentDry forest and woodlands
Adult Size3-3.5ft
LifespanUp to 20 years

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What does the Spotted Python look like?

The Spotted Python is the largest member within the genus Antaresia reaching a total length of 3-3.5ft. Their overall colouration is cream to a yellow-brown with prominent dark brown-purplish patterning. The dark blotches can be joined or separated along the body. They have a typical python head shape with heat-sensory pits on the snout. The teeth are long and backwards pointing; this helps them grip onto prey while constricting with the body.

Spotted Pythons are quite shy snakes but very docile and calm, making them ideal for someone with some snake experience.

Where are Spotted Pythons from?

The Spotted Python is native to Australia, it is common in eastern Queensland and north-eastern New South Wales. They prefer dry forest and woodlands with rock outcrops, cliffs and caves within close range.

How do you keep Spotted Pythons?

Hatchling and young Spotted Pythons are best housed in smaller flat plastic tanks or Terrainiums. Placing a snake in a large enclosure too soon can cause stress. Once settled into their new home and a regular feeding routine is established, you can increase the enclosure size accordingly. Adults should be kept in a minimum 3ft enclosure, but larger vivariums can be provided.

Heat hatchling enclosures with a heat mat; ceramic lamps or basking bulbs protected by a guard are ideal for adults. These should always be connected to a thermostat to prevent overheating. A basking area should be maintained between 28-32C (85-90F), allowing the cool side of the vivarium, to drop down to 24-26.5C (75-80F). Night time temperature should fall a further 5C (10F).

A good substrate to use is Aspen bedding, snakes can burrow and it allows easy spot cleaning when soiled. Hides should be placed on both basking and cool areas along with branches and decorative items.

Hatchling Spotted Pythons should be fed on Mouse Pinkies every 3-5 days, increase the food size as the snake grows. Adults will easily feed on X-Large Mice every 7-10 days. Always allow a few days for the snake to digest the food before handling. Provide a water bowl large enough for the snake to bathe if required and replace if soiled.

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