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If you're searching for literature on keeping your first pet snake, or even looking for further information on designer morphs, we will most likely have a book for you.

AVS The Ball Python Manual
AVS The Ball Python ManualAuthor Phillipe de Vosjoli with Roger Klingenberg, DVM, Tracy Barker, and David BeckerPrices from£8.99
The ball python is one of the most beautiful, friendly and widely sold snakes in the pet trade.
Boa Constrictor Manual, The
Boa Constrictor Manual, TheAuthor Phillipe de VosjoliPrices from£9.99
Relatively docile and safe reptiles, boa constrictors are thought to make some of the best large snake pets.
Burmese Pythons - AVS
Burmese Pythons - AVSAuthor Phillipe de Vosjoli and Roger KlingenbergPrices from£8.99
Information mainly on the keeping, housing and feeding of Burmese Pythons along with other larger snake species such as Reticulated and African Rock Pythons.
Corn Snakes: The Comprehensive Owners Guide
Corn Snakes: The Comprehensive Owners GuideAuthor Kathy and Bill LovePrices from£16.99
If you like keeping corn snakes, this book's for you! Fully illustrated in color, this is the ultimate guide to care and breeding for the casual pet owner.
Garter and Water Snakes
Garter and Water SnakesAuthor David PerlowinPrices from£8.99
Garter, ribbon and water snakes are among the most popular, widely available, attractive and interesting reptile pets.

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