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Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket plus Reflector

Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket plus Reflector
Reflector lamp for vivariums

Can be used inside larger wooden vivariums or placed above a screen top, to create a basking spot.

  • Ready to use lamp
  • Installation inside the terrarium possible (instructions included)
  • Wire mesh protector to prevent animals having contact with the bulb
  • High voltage resistant porcelain lamp holder and silcon cable
  • Optimized steel reflector for high UV and light output

Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket plus Reflector - Small (Max 300w)
On Site (1-4 working days)
Small (Max 300w)
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These sets contain a E27 porcelain lampholder, a high quality steel reflector, wire mesh protector, power lead and all necessary mounting accessories. The steel reflector focuses the light and acts as sight protection, preventing being blinded by the light. The wire mesh protector is placed on the bottom of the reflector and prevents the animals getting in contact with the bulb.