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Komodo Light and Heat Guard

Komodo Light and Heat Guard
For basking bulbs and ceramic heaters

Protect your reptiles from accidental burns by installing a heater guard into your vivarium.

  • Prevents accidental burns
  • Easy access for bulb changes
  • Simple to install

Komodo Light and Heat Guard - Small 175mm
On Site (1-4 working days)
Small 175mm
Earn 67 PetPoints

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What do you use Komodo Light and Heat Guards for?

Reptiles (especially snakes) are susceptible to burning themselves on unguarded heating equipment. Reptiles can coil around or jump toward hot basking lamps and/or ceramic heaters; often causing severe burns. By using a light and heat guard it creates a physical barrier between the animal and the equipment.

Additional information 

Easy to install with six short screws (not included). Guard twists to open at the base, allowing bulbs to be changed easily.