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Amphibian Books for sale

A range of amphibian books covering basic care, housing ideas, feeding and health for the popular kept species. Advanced books are also available from breeding to species identification.

AVS - Popular Amphibians
AVS - Popular AmphibiansAuthor Philippe de Vosjoli Prices from£12.99
This book is written by experienced and recognized frog herpetoculturists and focuses on the care of popular tree frogs now sold in significant numbers.
AVS - Popular Tree Frogs
AVS - Popular Tree FrogsAuthor Philippe de Vosjoli, Robert Mailloux and Drew Ready Prices from£8.99
This book is written by experienced and recognized frog herpetoculturists and focuses on the care of popular tree frogs now sold in significant numbers.
Barrons POM - Frogs, Toads and Treefrogs
Barrons POM - Frogs, Toads and TreefrogsCaptive care on Amphibians Prices from£7.99
Terrarium keepers will find advice from two of the country's leading experts on amphibians, their housing, care, and breeding.
Barrons POM - Newts and Salamanders
Barrons POM - Newts and SalamandersAuthor Frank Indiviglio Prices from£7.99
Terrarium enthusiasts will find an up-to-date information with full colour photos describing the major species of newts and salamanders that are kept in captivity.
Barrons RKG - Horned Frogs and African Bullfrogs
Barrons RKG - Horned Frogs and African BullfrogsAuthor R.D Bartlett and Patricia Bartlett Prices from£4.99
These tropical frogs require special attention regarding diet and protection against parasites. All aspects of animal care and maintenance are discussed in this fact-filled volume.
Chimaira - Amphibians of East Africa
Chimaira - Amphibians of East AfricaAuthor Alan Channing and Kim M Howell Prices from£40.99
In the first field guide and reference book about the amphibians of East Africa, Alan Channing and Kim M. Howell provide identification keys and detailed accounts for 194 frog species and 9 caecilians.
Chimaira - Frog Search
Chimaira - Frog SearchAuthor Martin Pickersgill Prices from£44.99
The Chimaira Frog Search Results of Expeditions to Southern and Eastern Africa will give detailed species accounts.
Chimaira - Poison Frogs
Chimaira - Poison FrogsInformation on Poison Frogs Prices from£88.99
A detailed book that provides captive care and breeding of species of poison frogs.
Chimaira - Treefrogs of Africa
Chimaira - Treefrogs of AfricaAuthor Arne Schiotz Prices from£44.99
This book provides a complete overview of all recognised the species and subspecies of African tree frogs in continental Africa and its adjacent islands.
Interpet - Keeping Axolotls
Interpet - Keeping AxolotlsAuthor Linda Adkins Prices from£8.99
By following the clearly explained advice in this book you can enjoy a unique pet that will fascinate, reward and entertain you for many years.
Practical Pet Series - Amphibians
Practical Pet Series - AmphibiansInformation on Amphibians Prices from£5.99
Here at last is a detailed guide to keeping amphibians, extending to 100 pages and illustrated with striking colour photography throughout.

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