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Ceramics and Night Lamps for sale

If you wish to maintain a constant temperature in your vivarium but with little or no light then this is the category for you. Here you will find a range of ceramic bulbs, infra-red and night lamps.

AHS Heaters
AHS HeatersCeramic element housed in metal enclosurePrices from109.99
A ceramic infra-red heating element and a pulse proportional thermostat housed in an easy to fit metal enclosure.
Exo Terra Ceramic Heat Emitter
Exo Terra Ceramic Heat EmitterCeramic heat bulbPrices from22.12
The Exo Terra Heat Wave Lamp is a radiant heat source which creates a natural sun-like heat with a uniform pattern.
Exo Terra Heat Glo Lamp
Exo Terra Heat Glo Lamp24hr infra red heatPrices from6.82
The Exo Terra Infra Red Heat Bulb emits infrared heat waves and is a typical heating lamp.
Exo Terra Night Heat Lamp
Exo Terra Night Heat LampNocturnal heat and viewingPrices from4.79
Use these bulbs for nocturnal viewing and to provide a gentle night time temperature. Five different wattages available.
ProRep Ceramic Heater
ProRep Ceramic Heater24hr infra red heatPrices from19.99
Provides essential infra red energy to aid digestion and vitamin D3 synthesis.
Zoo Med Nightlight Red Reptile Bulbs
Zoo Med Nightlight Red Reptile BulbsRed glass bulb for nocturnal viewingPrices from5.36
Zoo Med Nightlight Red Reptile Bulbs are a true red glass and not painted or coated, this gives a better heat transfer.
Zoo Med Nocturnal Infra Red Bulb
Zoo Med Nocturnal Infra Red Bulb24hr infra red heatPrices from8.12
True red glass, not painted or coated! Zoo Med's spot reflector focuses more heat into your enclosure and minimizes nighttime glare.

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