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VivExotic Viva Terrestrial Vivarium X-Large

VivExotic Viva Terrestrial Vivarium X-Large
Enclosure for large lizards and snakes

This is the largest terrestrial vivarium available within the VivExotic Viva range; ideal for large species of lizards or snakes.

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The VivExotic Viva range is a stylish and modern vivarium with matching cabinet. These make a distinctive piece of furniture for you but also provide a permanent home for your exotic pet. This size enclosure would best suit larger lizards such as Bearded Dragons, Chuckwalla and dwarf Monitor species. You can also keep snake like Brazilian Rainbow Boas, Hogg Island Boas and Taiwanese Beauty Snake.

  • Available in three modern finishes to suit your decor.
  • Effective ventilation system incorporated into the full length of front aluminium door rails.
  • Sliding glass doors with ‘Slidestopper' to prevent escapes.
  • Cabinet (available separately) with modern silver handles.
  • Excellent storage space for all your reptile supplies and accessories.

Dimensions (mm): Width 1150, Depth 610, Height 434 (1079 incl cabinet)

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