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Molting of a Tarantula

The molting of a tarantula.

By Wayne Anthony G from Hertfordshire on Tuesday 10th April 2007

Many time you will be told that a spider will 'play dead' just before it starts to molt... even with this forewarning you will always be unsettled by discovering your prise pet 'dead'. there is always that unsettling feeling that all is not right with your spider and it has infact 'kicked the bucket'.

I have attached a few images to try display this so it may be of some help to others.

Tarantula Molt Photo #1

Tarantula Molt Photo #1

Tarantula Molt Photo #1

The best way to foresee your spider molting is to closely monitor your spider's eating habits.

You will notice that it will loose all interest in food for around 3 days prior, this is the time to remove all food out of the tank as she will be cerceptable to attack and possible damage from live food. Try remove all live food as carefully and quickly as possible so as not to further stress an already stressed spider. increase the humidity in the tank to help with the molting but don't spray water directly onto the spider.

The molting will start soon so keep a close look out on your spider and wait for it to cover the area around where it will molt with webbing and then roll over and play dead. Leave the spider in peace and in around 12 hours you will have a brand new spider.