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Taiwanese Beauty Snake

Taiwanese Beauty Snake
Orthriophis taeniurus

The beauty snake is a long semi-arboreal snake from Asia, they can grow to quite a impressive length of 10ft. Which is huge for a member of the rat snake family.

OriginTaiwan, Thailand, Vietnam
EnvironmentSemi-Tropical, Tropical Habitats
Adult Size6-10ft
Lifespan10 Years +
TemperamentDocile If Handled

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What do Taiwanese Beauty Snakes look like?

As their name suggests Taiwanese Beauty Snake’s really are beautiful to look at. They are slim bodied snakes which can exceed lengths of six to ten feet depending on sub species and sex, with males being smaller than the females.
Both sexes are bright yellow in body with a black line running along their back and large speckled black blotches along their sides. These are a very active and alert species and can live 12 years+. Both babies and adults can be snappy so ideally we don’t recommend this species for beginners.

Where do Taiwanese Beauty Snakes come from? 

This particular sub species of Beauty snake originates from Taiwan. They are diurnal and can be found hunting in and around a variety or areas such as woodlands and agriculture land often close to a water source.

How do I keep a Taiwanese Beauty Snake?

Being so active you will need to provide a Taiwanese Beauty Snake with a large enclosure at least a minimum of 4ftx 2ft in size for juvenile or adult. This will provide them with height as well as length as they are semi arboreal. This is just a guide line if you want to use a bigger enclosure that’s even better. 
Taiwan’s day time temperature’s peak to 88F-90F(31C-32C) so be sure to have a basking area on one side of the enclosure around this. Naturally in a large enclosure you can achieve a temperature gradient and the cool side of the enclosure should be 75-80F(23C-26). Night time temperature can drop to 68F(20). 
Using heat lights will allow you reach the desired temperature requirements, however remember to have them connected to a thermostat to help with temperature control. A digital thermometer will prove handy as you can move it around the enclosure to get better readings. If the heat lights are on the inside of the enclosure its best to have a heat guard around the bulb/s to prevent the snake from burning itself. 
A UVB source will also prove beneficial to their health and you will also find the snake will be more active and even bask below the UVB. An Arcadia T5 Kit can be screwed into the top of a wooden vivarium or placed ontop of mesh if you’re using a glass terrarium. Alternatively you could use a Reptile Systems Compact UVB bulb.
Plenty of decor and climbing apparatus such as cork, java and bamboo branches and vines should be provided for the snake to climb over. If you wedge pieces together you will also find they often curl around them and perch under the lights. Standing and trailing plants will also help fill out the set up and make it look pleasing to the eye too.
Zoomed Forestfloor, Moss peat mixed with Orchid bark, Prorep Biolife Forest and Coco fibre are all suitable substrates and will help maintain humidity within the enclosure. Maintaining the humidity will also help prevent any shedding issues. A digital or analogue Hydrometer will help with humidity readings. 
Taiwanese Beauty Snakes will need a large water bowl in order for them to drink and also bathe in. Misting the enclosure and decor at least once or twice a week is recommended. 
Babies should be every 4-6 days on appropriate size defrost rodents and adults can be fed every 7-10 days. They are ferocious little feeders and will strike feed and coil around their prey. 
If you are ever unsure on what sized food to feed, please email or call us prior to purchase. 
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