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ProRep ProTect Sanitising Hand Gel

ProRep ProTect Sanitising Hand Gel
Sanitising Hand Gel

The ProRep ProTect Sanitising Hand Gel is highly recommended if you keep exotic pets. Use after handling reptiles to prevent spread of any viruses.

ProRep ProTect Sanitising Hand Gel - 500ml
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This hand gel is alcohol free and made from a polypropylene material that is gentle on hands. Use after handling exotic pets, especially if you are unable to wash your hands straight away. This is ideal to keep next to your pet’s enclosure.

It has a unique formula giving long-lasting action against bacteria (including Salmonella), viruses and cryptosporidia that can cause serious reptile infections. Over 6 years in development they contain amongst other ingredients a natural sanitiser that is most effective and safe to use in all areas of the home including reptile environments. ProRep ProTect range of products are antibacterial, antiviral, anti-spore and mould and have residual effect for up to 24 hours and are also highly effective in the control of flu viruses - including swine flu.

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