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ProRep Live Plant - Living Stone

ProRep Live Plant - Living Stone
Lithops species

Living Stones are named due to them blending in with the surrounding rocks and pebbles. Looking like a stone prevents this plant from being eaten in the wild.

Pet SafeYes
Plant TypeGround
SizeUp to 8cm
Light StrengthBright light

ProRep Live Plant - Living Stone - 5.5cm pot
Off Site (may take 1 extra working day)
5.5cm pot
Earn 3 PetPoints

ProRep Live Plant - Living Stone - 10cm pot
Off Site (may take 1 extra working day)
10cm pot
Earn 12 PetPoints

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What does a Living Stone plant look like?

Living Stones are just that, a ground cactus that has the appearance of a small stone or pebble. Each plant can vary in colour depending on the species, some available can be a grey-green colour with speckles, others can be shades of browns with vein-like markings. Living Stones do bloom and produce large flowers compared to other cactus. These flowers vary greatly in colour from white, bright yellow, orange, pink, purple or red.

How do you care for the Living Stone plant?

Living Stones are the ultimate dry terrarium plant. Bright light is very important, if they are kept in the shade they will die. Soil type is important too, they are best planted in a coarse free drainage substrate. Don’t allow the roots to fully dry out nor be over watered, probably best to water lightly once a week to a fortnight.

Living Stones dislikes disturbance, therefore they are best suited for use with smaller, non-destructive animals such as small gecko species or insects.

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