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Mantis Summer Foods

Feeding preying Mantids in the summer months could not be easier. I have found using wild caught feeder insects to be 100 percent cheaper than pets shop foods and better for the Mantids in general.

By Anne C from England on Sunday 9th July 2006

I like to feed my Mantids at night, the diet consist of moths of various kinds, which are attracted to lights in my garden and house. The flying insects provide the Mantids with a more natural food. I simply use a fishing net to catch the insects attracted to the lights an transfer them into a plastic tank to pick the more appropriate insects for the animals that need feeding, the rest are released back into the wild.

Be careful where you catch your feeder insects. DO NOT catch beside roads or areas where pesticides are used as these chemicals could KILL your pet.

Happy hunting and try different foods your Mantis will love it!