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How to look after Leopard Geckos

Information on how I look after leopard geckos in captivity.

By Alan J from devon on Thursday 29th May 2008

Im not an expert on Leopard Geckos however I have had leopard geckos for years and have never had one problem. I have read multiple books on them and have personnal opinions.

What I use and why

I use calci-sand as it its digestible and safe for them. I use 2 thermometers 1 on the hot side one on the cold side. I have a temperature in the hot side at (84-88) degreese  farenheight (forgive my spelling) during the day and (74-78) at night. The cool end during the day is (74-78) and (70-72) at night. Try to use the rule which i follow a 45cm width, 45cm length and the height doesnt really matter as they arent the kind of gecko which climbs that often. I recommend the Exo-terra 45,45,45cm for 2 leopard geckos.

Please remember when buying an enclosure that they prefer length and width than height. You should provide 2 hides at least for 2 leopard geckos. I have 1 hide half on the cool half on the hot side as this alllows them to reach a temperature they like, the other hide i reccomend is placed on the warm side rather than th cool side. When you put the heat mat in make sure it covers half the length of the vivarium, no more, no less. I use a 50 watt bulb to provide day time temperatures ond light. If you want to go the extra mile for your leopard geckos buy a thermostat to make sure it never gets too, cold or too hot. I feed my leopard geckos medium black crickets 5 each every other day.

Rember never house 2 males together as they become incredibly territorial, especially when there is a female around which often lead to serrious injuries and in the extreme death.

Please be sure to provide calcium.