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Komodo Ecology Reptile Habitat

Komodo Ecology Reptile Habitat
Reptile vivarium

The new Komodo Ecology Reptile Habitats have been designed to make it simple and easy to create the optimal eco-system for your reptiles.

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The Komodo Ecology Reptile Habitats arrive in a flat pack form to make them easier for transporting and storage. They have a number of features including:

Sliding safety glass removable doors

Provides easy access to the Habitat with over 70% visibility of the entire enclosure, this makes it easy to view the reptile and its daily activity. If broken, the glass will break into small pieces that will not harm your animal; whereas when standard glass breaks, this smashes into large sharp pieces that can present risk to your pet.

Easy access for essential equipment

The top corners of the enclosure have been cut away to allow easy installation of any equipment needed to correctly keep your pet. Simply feed the cables or tubes through the gaps on the back panel when constructing of the enclosure. If equipment needs to be replaced or added after construction, the lid can be easily lifted be loosening the connectors.

Superior ventilation

The correct ventilation in an enclosure is essential when keeping any animal as poor ventilation can build up fungal and bacterial spores. This is caused by high humidity and poor ventilation within the animal’s enclosure. The Komodo Ecology Reptile Habitat features two large side vents to create superior airflow throughout.

The Komodo Ecology Reptile Habitats are available in five sizes, make a solid vivarium and have rubber feet to enable safer stacking of multiple habitats.