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How to keep Crickets

Keeping your crickets the correct way is very important for their life span and their nutrital value for your reptile.

When you receive your crickets, they will either be in a clear plastic tub or in a white poly sack (bulk bags only) . To get the best life span out of your live food, place them into a plastic container with the egg boxes which are provided.

Provide them with food and water, you can purchase different brands of Bug Food that gut loads your crickets before feeding them to your Exotic Pet. The cheapest way to do this is to feed them on fruit and veg. The crickets get their moister from the fruit and veg, so no additional water is needed. If you are feeding them on a dry Bug Food, use a shallow dish of water with cotton wool to help prevent them falling in and drowning. Replace the food and water every two days to prevent mould growing.

If you order a large bulk bag of crickets, you will need to clean them out. Like every animal, they have to pass feaces. When you have a few hundred crickets, this can start to smell and attract mites, so regular cleaning shoule be exercised. The best way to do this is to try and collect the crickets while they are hiding under the egg cartons. Place them either in a tempery or a new cleaned container - pick up the remaining crickets. You can then empty the waste into a bin (we would recomend the outside bin), this prevents any smell lingering.