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Golden Gecko

Golden Gecko
Gekko badenii

This is a medium sized arboreal gecko species that reaches 13 to 18cm in length; males being larger. They have a lovely golden colouration and are native to the tropical rainforests of Vietnam.

EnvironmentTropical rainforests
Adult Size7-8inches

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What do Golden Geckos Look Like?

Golden geckos as their name suggests have a golden/ yellowish brown body with a white underbelly. In this species, males tend to grow 7-8inches long snout to tail whereas the females are generally a few inches smaller reaching 6-7inches. Sexes of sub-adult- adults can be determined by focusing on the ventral area as males have a large bulge whereas the females do not.

These geckos do have sensitive skin and can be skittish so handling is not recommended. If you do decide to try and handle your Golden gecko always move slowly and carefully so not to spook them.

How do you keep Golden geckos?

Being an arboreal species golden geckos require more height than floor space and they love to climb. A 45x45x60cm terrarium would be an ideal enclosure size, be sure to provide climbing apparatus such as branches, cork bark and fake or live plants. We always recommend using the most natural substrates possible for all species, in this case we use moss peat mixed with coarse bark chips and moss. Extra moss can be added in the enclosure to provide a humid spot for the geckos. 

Being nocturnal they do not require UVB lighting however using a low percentage UVB bulb or strip would prove beneficial still. Humidity should vary from 60-80% so we recommend misting the enclosure at least once a day. Due to their hardy nature temperatures can fluctuate between 75-85F during the day and 70-75F at night, this can be achieved via the use of a heat light connected to a dimming stat.

A temperature and humidity dial are also great for checking you have the right conditions.

Golden Geckos will drink both from droplets of water when the enclosure has been misted and also from running water such as the use of a waterfall or dripper. We also like to leave a medium water bowl in the enclosure too.  Feeding golden geckos is relatively easy as they eat a varied diet of live food dusted with calcium and vitamin powder, fruit and complete foods such as Arcadia FruityInsect Gold or Arcadia StickyFoot Gold.

Females of this species can be housed together without issues however males can be territorial so we would only recommend housing one male in a group.


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