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Exo Terra Amphibian Starter Kit

Exo Terra Amphibian Starter Kit
Ideal for young tree frogs and other small species

These kits are aimed at newcomers to the hobby and provide the basic products to keep your first amphibians as pets.

  • Front ventilation
  • Twin glass doors
  • Stainless steel mesh lid
  • Snap lock to prevent accidental escapees
  • Closable rear inlets for wires and/or tubing

Exo Terra Amphibian Starter Kit - (30x30x45cm)
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What are Exo Terra Amphibian Starter Kits used for?

Perfect for beginners or hobbyists, this kit will be great new home for your pet with a natural background included.

Included in this kit;

  • Exo Terra Glass Terrarium (30x30x45cm) 
  • Exo Terra Rainforest Heatmat Small
  • Exo Terra Day and Night LED Light Fixture Small
  • Exo Terra Dial Thermometer
  • Exo Terra Dial Hygrometer
  • Exo Terra Plantation Small
  • Exo Terra Forest Moss 2x7L
  • Exo Terra Artificial Plant

Additional information

In additional to this kit, we would recommend purchasing an on/off thermostat to use in conjunction with the enclosed heat mat. Please see related products.