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What to do if Crickets escape

If you own an Exotic Pet which feeds on crickets, your bound to have the odd one escape, but what if it is a few hundred?

Firstly, it's always a good idea to buy some Cricket Traps. If crickets escape, they are drawn to the smell of the food which you place in the center of the sticky cricket trap. Once they walk on the glue, there is not escaping.These traps last a long time so are ideal if you have any exotic pets which feed on live foods.

If you don't have any traps, don't panic! Black crickets can not breed in the house, they require additional heat for breeding. Brown crickets could possibly breed in the soil of your house plants, but this not likely. We do not know of anyone who has had them breeding in the house. Give the escaped crickets a week and they will quickly start dieing off due to lack of food and water!