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Complete Herp Care - Tortoises

Complete Herp Care - Tortoises
Author E.J. Pirog

This book covers more than 15 species available in the reptile hobby, both common and rare, including Russian, yellow-foot, red-foot, sulcata, leopard, and star tortoises.

Complete Herp Care - Tortoises - Tortoises
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Complete Herp Care Tortoises is one of the most comprehensive guide to caring for and breeding your favourite tortoise.  It discusses topics vital to caring for your tortoise, such as housing, temperature and humidity control, lighting, feeding. This expertly written book includes details on constructing and maintaining outdoor enclosures. The author, an experienced tortoise breeder, guides the reader through the process of breeding and raising these reptiles. Photos illustrate each species, several enclosures, and other important topics.

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