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Chequered Garter Snake

Chequered Garter Snake
Thamnophis marcianus

The Chequered Garter Snake feeds on a range of foods from pinkies, earth worms, slugs, fish and amphibians. They make a great pet snake and are active during the day.

OriginCentral America, Mexico, Costa Rica
Adult Size2ft
Lifespan8 Years +
TemperamentDocile but Skittish

Chequered Garter Snake - Normal/Wild Type (CB) Hatchling FEMALE
Reptile Courier (2-7 working days)
Normal/Wild Type (CB) Hatchling FEMALE
Earn 250 PetPoints

Chequered Garter Snake - Albino (CB) Hatchling FEMALE
Reptile Courier (2-7 working days)
Albino (CB) Hatchling FEMALE
Earn 300 PetPoints

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