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Camel Spider facts and videos

A small collection of camel spider fact and videos.

By Philip B from Derbyshire on Sunday 18th February 2007

Camel Spider Facts

  • Some Camel Spider facts Solifugae are not true spiders. Like scorpions and harvestmen, Camel Spiders belong to a distinct arachnid order
  • There are roughly 900 species of Camel Spider
  • Camel Spiders are found in deserts around the world
  • Some species of Camel Spider grow to 12cm
  • Camel spiders do not jump on to camels or eat their stomachs
  • A Camel Spider can run up to 10mph (and they don't scream as they run)
  • Camel Spiders are not poisonous

Camel Spider Videos

Camels Spider References