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How to breed Crickets

Crickets can be costly if you own a large collection of reptiles, why not start breeding your own?

Breeding crickets isn't that hard, you just need time, patience and of course plenty of adult crickets. Brown Crickets are the easiest of the two to breed as Black Crickets do better with additional heat, be this a heat mat or red bulb.

For both species, place them in a large container with plenty of food, water and hides. Place a small contianer (a cricket tub or a used clean chinese tub) filled with sand, vermiculite or peat in the enclosure. When the adult femalse are ready to lay eggs, they will search for a soft substrate. They use their long laying probe on their back end to push into the substrate and lay the eggs deep in the substrate.

Remove the laying trays every three to four days to prevent the eggs from being eaten by other adults, place into a hatching container or simply pop the lid on and check every two days.

Plenty of food must be fed to the adult females while laying, we offer them a range of fruit and veg along with cereal and cat biscuits. Once the eggs start to hatch, place the hathclings into a small container, you do not need to clean these out as often due to their size.