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About order surveys

About the Exotic-Pets.co.uk order surveys and why we've published this data on the website.

Why we have developed order surveys

The order survey system was initially designed to give us some feedback; to find out what you feel we're doing right and where we need to improve.

We wanted to show what our customers really think, rather than you relying on our word or hear-say. So we've published the results for all to see.

It is fair to say not every order goes smoothly. From the hundreds of orders we send out each month, if the odd problem does arise, we do our very best to put things right as soon as possible.

Are my order survey details kept private?

Yes, only we can see what you've had to say about your order. The details displayed on the website are overall results from the star rating system and can not be traced back to you.

Can you edit this data?

No. This data comes directly from the database and updates real-time. So the data displaying is not just the odd good comment (like on a testimonials page), but the bad too.

Order Survey Results - what our customers think...

Quality/Condition 4.7148
Very Good
Overall Packaging 4.7336
Very Good
Value for Money 4.5125
Very Good
Dispatch/Time 4.2706
Very Good
Communication 4.4900
Very Good
Customer Service 4.5815
Very Good

Here are the results of 2843 order surveys; this data comes directly from our database.
We hope this gives you a good indication of our customer's experience.

More information about order surveys, why we do them and how we use the data.