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Yellow Bellied Toad

Yellow Bellied Toad
Bombina variegata

The Yellow Bellied Toad grows to an adult size of 1-2 inches. They are a small, plump toad with a dark warty back and a yellow to orange belly.

Yellow Bellied Toad - Babies (CB15) 2cm body
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Babies (CB15) 2cm body
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What does a Yellow Bellied Toad look like?

 This is a small toad, reaching an adult size of 3 to 4.5cm (1 to 2 inch). They have dark grey to black back, covered in small warts. The belly and underside of their limbs are yellow to light orange. Toadlets initially have a blotchy grey and cream belly, yellow pigment follows.

Where are Yellow Bellied Toads from?

 They live in western, central and southern mainland Europe close to water.

How to you keep Yellow Bellied Toads?

You can keep six to twelve in a medium sized enclosure, providing a semi aquatic set-up. You should provide this species with 6-12 inch of water containing plenty of floating pond plants. The water temperature should be maintained at 22-26C (72-78F). The land are should be kept moist with hides like cork bark and plant pots. During spring and summer, you can use a 40W bulb connected to a thermostat - this will allow the toads to bask.

Feed a range of insects from crickets, locusts, flies, earthworms, wax worms and insect from the garden. When changing or topping up the toads water, make sure this has been treated to remove all harmful chemicals, alternatively, use bottle water or fresh clean rainwater.

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