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Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium Hood

Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium Hood
For use above glass terrariums

Terrarium hoods are an essential piece of equipment which can be used to provide UVB and heat to your animals.

  • Fits all Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrariums
  • Includes built-in reflector
  • Can be used in conjunction with screw (ES) bulbs
  • Larger model has two sockets with separate switches

Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium Hood - 30cm
On Site (1-4 working days)
Earn 28 PetPoints

Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium Hood - 45cm
On Site (1-4 working days)
Earn 38 PetPoints

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What are Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium Hoods used for?

These hoods can be used to hold either a single basking or UVB bulb (30cm model) or a combination of two bulbs (45cm model).

They fit perfectly on Zoo Med's own Naturalistc Terrariums, or can be placed on top of other branded tanks with a mesh screen lid.

The built-in reflector also allows for increased heat and UVB penetration into the terrarium.