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ProRep Edible Plant - Turtle Vine

ProRep Edible Plant - Turtle Vine
Callisia repens

Turtle Vine is a tropical creeper found in moist areas. This plant is edible and ideal for feeding to a number of reptiles, birds and mammals.

Plant TypeLow coverage
SizeRequires trimming
Light StrengthPartial Shade

ProRep Edible Plant - Turtle Vine - 10cm pot
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10cm pot
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This plant is edible and ideal for feeding to Tortoises, Bearded Dragons, Uromastyx and other herbivorous reptiles. The whole pot can be placed in the enclosure, or it can be grown on the windowsill and stems cut off for feeding. Birds and Mammals also love it. This plant is certified as 100% organic, and has been grown without pesticides.

What does the Turtle Vine look like?

The Turtle Vine is a low-growing plant that has small green, fleshy leaves, with the underside turning a deep purple. Regular trimming of the plant will keep it compact, otherwise it will look straggly if left.

How do you care for the Turtle Vines?

This plant prefers low shaded light but in a warm, humid environment; making it ideal in most planted terrariums. Watering once a week should be sufficient depending on the heat in your enclosure. Pinching out growing tips will keep the plant bushy or trim regular.

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