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Be the first to buy the reptiles, amphibians and inverts - with an Exotic-Pets.co.uk Pre-Order! More about pre-orders.

Pre-orders are designed to let you order in-advance species we're expecting in. These pre-orders will be cheaper than our on site price; and exclusive to UK+ Members.

Some of the more specialist species will be pre-order only; although a few may be available to purchase on the website if we order a couple extra in (to make up numbers; but only if we need to).

Specialist species are aimed at experienced keepers; who fully understand their keeping and feeding requirements and have a realistic idea of their chances of survival in captivity.

Please appreciate we are at the mercy of our suppliers, with regards to stock availability and timescales. If in doubt, please do not pre-order.

Pre-Orders available

There are currently 0 pre-orders listed on the website
Pre-orders are now exclusively for our UK+ Members. For more information on UK+ Member benefits, see the Membership Levels page.
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