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Pink Bellied Swift

Pink Bellied Swift
Sceloporus variabilis

The Pink Bellied Swift is a small to medium species growing to an adult size of 100-150mm (4-6 inch). They can be found living in rocky terrains in arid and semi-arid environments in North America, this lizard is found from South Texas to northeaster Mex

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(WC) 5-7cm
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What do Pink Bellied Swifts look like? 

Pink Bellied Swifts also known as Rose Bellied Swifts are a small species of lizard averaging around 4-6inches in length. Males are typically prettier than the females due to their colouration. Both males and female have brown almost bronze coloured scales along their back with a cream line running along each side of their flanks. One way you can easily distinguish males and females apart is to look at their stomach area. Females tend have a pale stomach all one colour or with speckled markings, whereas males have two large bright pink oval markings, often with a hint of blue around them too.

Where do Pink Bellied Swifts come from?

These particular Swifts originate from the arid regions of North America including Texas and also Costa Rica. They are semi arboreal lizards and have no problem climbing rocks and trees. They’re super agile and can fit between small crevices to escape predators. 

How do I keep Pink Bellied Swifts?

Though small these little lizards are very active and should be housed in at least a 3ft glass or wooden enclosure, with plenty of enrichment. You can house multiple females together or one male with several females, unlike their relatives the Emerald swifts, males don’t tolerate each other as much, so they should be kept separate. 
UVB should be provided for bone groth and development, as well as a heat light to help with thermoregulation. To help with temperature control in the enclosure a dimming thermostat should be connected to the heat light fitting. If the heat light is also on the inside of the enclosure we do recommend a Heat guard to prevent the Swifts attempting to climb around the bulb and burn themselves. A digital thermometer will also be handy to move around the enclosure to check the temperatures. A basking spot of 95F(35C)should be provided with a background gradient of 80F(26C) Night time temperature can drop as low as 70F(21C).
When it come to providing enrichment for Pink Bellied Swifts we highly recommend cork bark, branches and tubes, as these can be distributed around the enclosure and the branches can also be used for the Swifts to sit and bask under the heat and UVB source. Fake or real plants can also be used in the enclosure. Just be sure to check the real plants you like are reptiles safe prior to adding them and you may also want to add LED lighting for the plants to thrive.  
A sand or soil based substrate such as Desert Life, coco fibre or moss peat mixed with desert sand would be ideal. This is more natural for the Swifts and allows them to move around the enclosure floor with ease. 
Always provide you Swifts with a water source in the enclosure as you may often find them looking for a drink. 
When it comes to feeding they never seem to be fussy with live food. Though they may be small Pink Bellied Swift’s have a big appetite. Crickets, locust’s, mini mealworms and curly wing flies are all suitable and nutritious. Remember to supplement your Swift’s live food roughly three times a week with Calcium and twice a week with Vitamin powder. 
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