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Olive House Snake

Olive House Snake
Boaedon olivaceus

The olive house snakes are from tropical equatorial Africa. These animals are extremely rare in captivity.

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We are currently working on this care sheet. If you have any experience with this species, please contact us with details.

These is some confusion over the true identification of olive house snakes at the moment. As true olive house snakes Boaedon olivaceus, should have un-divided sub-caudals that is to say they should have single caudal scales and not paired scales running from the cloaca to the tip of the tail. These specimens do not show this characteristic. However they do show the characteristic deep olive colouration and bright orange/red eyes. Our understanding is that there is work going to be done to clear up any confusion as to whether the subcaudial scales is correct. So for now these should be known as 'Hobby Olive House Snakes' until further work confirms either way. Putting this aside they are stunning animals and far different to the Lamprophis fuliginosus house snakes we normally see in the hobby.

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