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Mission Statement

Home of the Alternative Pet!

At Exotic-Pets.co.uk we aim to provide the most up to-date and quality care information available. As a team, we attend regular training courses involving animal husbandry techniques and to gain further product knowledge. We liaise continually with our specialist vet and network of respected breeders.

We breed and hatch quite literally hundreds of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates each year, everything from Bearded Dragons and White Tree Frogs to Curly Hair Tarantulas. This has given us a greater understanding of the biology of these amazing animals; how they behave and what must be provided to care for them as a minimum standard.

Any knowledge we gain we always pass onto you our customer, either by phone or in electronic form; care sheets and articles.

As a business, we are always happy to receive any suggestions on how we can improve our services and for you to share information with us on reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.

Our mission is to provide great quality animals at an affordable price to all of us around the country who love exotic pets as much as we do!

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