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Updated: Latest List of Exotic Pets

We don't get time to put every pet on our site. The Exotic Pets UK Latest List is an up-to-date selection of some additional reptiles, amphibians and inverts we can offer.

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Please Note: All sizes are approximate and should be used as a guideline only. Lizards are measured from snout to vent (excludes tail), therefore could be double the length listed.

Red Price - Loyalty Price
CB - Captive Bred - followed by year
CF - Captive Farmed - followed by year
CH - Captive Hatched - followed by year, Hatchlings from a Gravid Wild Collected Female.
WC - Wild Collected
LTC - Long Term Captive - in captivity for approx. 3 months+
1.1.5 - Sexed animals - Males, Females, Unsexed - eg. 1 Male, 1 Female, 5 Unsexed.