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Hog Island Boa

Hog Island Boa
Boa constrictor imperator

The Hog Island Boa is medium sized averaging 4-6 feet, females are slightly larger and bulkier compared to males. It is said, that these are extinct in the wild, therefore captive breeding is important for this species.

OriginTropical islands off the coast of Honduras
EnvironmentTropical rainforests
Adult Size4-6ft
SuitabilityNovice keeper
LifespanUp to 25 years

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What does a Hog Island Boa look like?

Hog Islands Boas are much smaller compared to the Common Boa Constrictor. The average length is 4-6ft, the females generally have a bulkier appearance compared to the slender looking male.

Their overall appearance is what you would expect of a Boa species; the head is flat, wider at the jaw line with heat pits present along the top lip. The eyes have a two-tone appearance with a vertical pupil. The scales of the Hog Island Boa are smooth and soft compared to other species, they can also change colour depending on their mood, day/night, temperature and health.

How do you keep a Hog Island Boa?

The captive care of the Hog Island Boa is similar to the Common Boa Constrictor.

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