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European Eyed Lizard

European Eyed Lizard
Timon lepidus

The European Eyed Lizard is also known as the Ocellated Lizard which is a large species averaging 60cm in total length. Males are robust with a green background colour while females tend to be grey; both sexes have blue spotting on the flanks.

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What do European Eyed Lizards look like?

European Eyed Lizards are a large species averaging around 60cm in total length. Males and Females can easily be told apart once mature as females tend to be a dull grey to green colour whereas the males show much more green colouration. Both sexes have blue spots along the flanks and the males also have broad heads.

How do you keep European Eyed Lizards?

An enclosure around 4ft is best for this species as they are quite active. Females can be housed together without any issues but never house two males together as this will result in them fighting.

Natural substrate is always best to use with any species so a sand and soil mix will be best to create a semi-desert environment. Décor in the vivarium is optional to each keepers taste, we do however recommend using cork bark and branches for enrichment as well as hides. Fake or live plants can both be used inside the enclosure for coverage and also decoration. 

As European Eyed Lizards originate from Southern Europe they do require warm temperatures. A basking hotspot around 95-110F (35-40C) is recommended and can be achieved using a basking bulb connected to a pulse or dimming thermostat. Night-time temperatures should drop to 15-18F (59-60C) so at night you can turn the lights off however if your house is quite cold or there is a drop in temperature it would be best to use a night light or ceramic heater.

A digital thermometer will give you an accurate reading so you can check on the temperatures inside the enclosure.

Being a diurnal species they require a high percentage UVB bulb or strip light. This should be replaced every six to twelve months depending on the brand as the UVB will run out.

European Eyed Lizards are very keen feeders and will eat a variety of live food including crickets, locusts, roaches, mealworms and more. Once adult they can also be offered the occasional pinkie mouse but not too often.

When it comes to feeding we use a Calcium supplement every other day and a multivitamin powder once or twice a week. Try to not to over dust the livefood though with the calcium and vitamin powders as this can lead to a vitamin imbalance.

For water we provide a medium or large water dish big enough for the Eyed lizard/s to drink from and also sit in to cool down. Treat tap water with a dechlorinated solution. Bowls should be cleaned every other day to prevent any grime build up in the bowls. We have also found misting one side of the enclosure in a morning proves beneficial with humidity levels and also helps aid shedding.

If given the correct care, time and respect European Eyed Lizards can become very tame and be handled just as you would a Bearded Dragon.

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