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Dumerlis Monitor
Varanus dumerilii

The Dumerlis Monitor is a large species that may grow to 120cm. They are from Southeast Asia, often found near swamps or water areas.

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What does a Dumerlis Monitor look like?

Adults and youngsters look very different, babies have black and yellow bands over their body with a bright orange head. As they mature and grow, their colour darkens to a shade of brown. The Dumerlis Monitor is a large species that can reach a maximum size of 120cm (47 inch), although average at 100cm (39 inch).

Where are Dumerlis Monitors from?

Dumerlis Monitors are found within inland forests of Thailand, Vietnam and Malayan Peninsula.

How do you keep Dumerlis Monitors?

The Dumerlis Monitor will require a custom made enclosure when fully grown. A vivarium with measurements of at least 96x48x36 inch (LxWxH) will be required for one an adult.

The use of a ceramic heater will be require to maintain a temperature of 24-32C (75.2-89.6F), with a basking area up to 54C (129.2F). Allow night time temperatures to drop to 20-24C (68-75.2F), this can be maintained via a Day/Night Dimming Thermostat.

The Dumerlis Monitor needs a large water area to soak. Diet consists of mainly shellfish such as shrimps, crabs and crawfish, they will also take insects and rodents.

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