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Columbian Rainbow Boa

Columbian Rainbow Boa
Epicrates cenchria maurus

Columbian Rainbow Boas can reach an adult length of 7ft but average out at 4-5ft. This species is said to be the trust worthiest of all Rainbow Boas species.

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What does a Columbian Rainbow Boa look like?

Young Columbian Rainbow Boas have a cream base with dark brown patterning over the body. As they mature, they become a rich chocolate brown, the dorsal and lateral spots become very faint. They have a large body compared to other rainbow boas and reach an adult length between 3-5ft.

The Columbian Rainbow Boa becomes tame and docile, making these ideal for young owners. Babies can be snappy but calm down with regular handling, usually from three months onwards.

Where are Columbian Rainbow Boas from?

Found in Costa Rica, Columbia and border regions of adjacent countries. Found living in humid forest or rainforest.

How do you keep a Columbian Rainbow Boa?

A pair of Columbian Rainbow Boas can be housed in a minimum 48"x15"x15" vivarium. Use orchid bark, beech chippings or aspen bedding as the substrate. Being a shy species, hides are important and should be placed throughout the enclosure. They will also climb if given the space and chance.

Day time temperatures should be in the range of 26C (80F) with a basking area of up to 29C (85F). Allow night time temperature to drop down to 24C (75F). Always connect any heating elements to a thermostat and protect your basking/ceramic lamps with a guard. Columbian Rainbow Boas will climb up to the light and rap around them, this can cause serious burns. They require a humid environment, this can be accomplished by using a humidity hide containing of damp moss.

Newborn Columbian Boas should be fed on mouse pinkies for the first few feeds, then moved onto mouse fluffs. Feed every 4-5 days whilst young and increase the food intake, size and length between feeds as the Boa grows. Depending on the size of your Boa, most adult females will take small rats every 10-14 days.

Fresh water should always be provided in large container/dish for the Boa to emerge it's whole body in.

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