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Axolotl Pellets

Axolotl Pellets
Sinking food pellets for Axolotls

Four different sizes of sinking food pellets for Axolotls.

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We are regularly asked for pellets for Axolotls, so we are now offering the sinking pellets we feed our Axolotls.

About the Axolotl Pellets

The pellets are a high quality sinking fish pellet; Protein 42%, Oil 20% (hard pellet). They are available in four different sizes, supplied in 100g bags. We always have them on hand for when it's not possible to find enough of the Axolotls regular foods (in winter for example), such as worms, slugs and insects.

Feeding Pellets to Axolotls

Some Axolotls take to pellets easier than others. To start with, drop a pellet in front of your Axolotl, don't be surprised if at first your Axolotl spits it back out. However, as soon as your Axolotl develops a taste for the pellet, he/she may begin to sniff them out. Always remove any uneaten pellets/food from your tank.

Not all Axolotls will take to the pellets, but the pellets are a handy alternative food source if they do.

Please note: Axolotl pellets should only occasionally be fed to your Axolotls. These pellets are full of protein and your Axolotls will quickly gain weight on a diet of pellets alone. A variety of food is recommended for a healthy Axolotl.

Regular food sources for Axolotls are worms, slugs and other insects. As the occasional treat, foods such as beef heart, liver, cooked prawns, fish and pinkies can also be fed.

What size Axolotl Pellets do I need?

Small Axolotl Pellets are ideal for very young Axolotls (around the 4-5cm in size) that are just starting to sniff out and eat non-live foods.

Medium and Large Axolotl Pellets are recommended for 10cm+ Axolotls; or groups of Axolotls.

X-Large Axolotl Pellets are best for one or a small group of adult Axolotls that are already accustom to eating pellets.

Do your research
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