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How the Exotic Pets UK website works

Exotic Pets UK sells and lists a large number of animals and supplies on site with the rest being available to us from our wholesale partners.

  • On Site - most of these orders are processed and dispatched the same working day, but can take up to 2 working days
  • Off Site - we need to order it in from one of our suppliers, therefore we need 2-5 working days to process your order
  • Reptile Courier - orders containing reptiles and amphibians have to be transported via a specialist courier. These orders are usually dispatched within 1-6 working days

Why do you only keep a limited amount of animals/stock on site?

Like all pet shops we have to limit the number of animals and supplies we have on site to keep our overheads down. The savings we make are passed on to you.

Our dry good range continues to grow with many new products being added all the time. Many of them are On Site which allows them to be dispatched quickly to you when you order.

About ordering an "Off Site" item

When you order an Off Site item, it's just like going in to your local pet shop and asking "can you get me an XYZ?" - if the shop keeper doesn't have one in the shop (On Site) he/she will then refer to their trade lists. If the pet or product is available, you'll be told - "yes, I can get you one in next week".

Can you send live animals through the post or courier?

Yes. You'll receive the animals the same way (if not better packaged) than the wholesalers/suppliers send them to your local pet shop.

Invertebrate only orders are sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery or Parcelforce depending on the contents of the order. All orders containing invertebrates are extremely well packaged to protect the animal, the staff handling the parcel, and of course. You the customer.

All orders that contain reptiles and amphibians have to be sent with a specialist reptile courier. Please see our FAQs for more information regarding this service.