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Postal Changes and Livefood Pricing

Wednesday, 25th November 2020

The latest shipping and pricing information here at Exotic Pets UK

Royal Mail parcels

In recent weeks, it has become evident that the current Royal Mail 24 service has been severely disrupted and likely overwhelmed, this is probably due to more and more customers being urged to buy online. Unfortunately for us that has meant they have been unable to cope with the handling of important perishable items, such as your livefood parcels. We have seen an increase in the amount our parcels we send on this service going astray and/or not being delivered on time.

While we have replaced all orders that have been reported lost or damaged, we know this is both inconvenient for you the customer and is costly for ourselves as a business.

As a business we expect all our goods to be delivered in good condition and in a timely manner by the parcel courier services we choose to use. We do not expect or want our customers to have to wait several additional days for their essential foods and supplies to be delivered.  

For the remainder of this year we are making Royal Mail Tracked, APC Courier and our Reptile Courier Services the only available options for shipping foods and supplies. We have been testing Tracked 24 services for several months now and we strongly believe this is the best and only way to serve you during this crisis.

As a business we are going to temporarily subsidise the cost of Tracked Services for the interim and we hope that you will continue to support us with this positive change.

For a detailed breakdown of the benefits of Royal Mail Tracked parcels, please see:


For detailed postage pricing, please see:


Invert shipping in cold weather

Invertebrate shipping has to be managed very carefully at this time of year. Despite the secure packaging and heat packs that we use during transport at this time of year, overnight frosts and temperatures below 5°C can easily kill invertebrates. Any orders containing invertebrates may be postponed for several days or weeks (if necesssary) if temperatures suddenly plummet or there is a high risk of bad weather.

We will always prioritise the safety of our livestock. Please only order on the understanding that there may be unavoidable delays in shipping.

Livefood pricing

All regular pre-packs have now been reduced in price. This great offer is available online and in our shop.

Please see our full range of livefood here:


Latest COVID lockdown information

Please see our last news article relating to what we are doing to remain COVID safe and other useful information:


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