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Our first batch of Columbian Rainbow Boas

Wednesday, 6th September 2006

Our first batch of Columbian Rainbow Boas were born on Thursday 24th August 2006 with more soon to follow.

Here at Exotic-Pets.co.uk one of our female Columbian Rainbow Boas has given birth to 18 cute babies. Our second female also decided to give birth to 9 babies two days later AND we have another female due any day!

Just like with the Common Boa Constrictors, we will ensure that these are feeding well before any are sold. If you are interested in purchasing a Columbian Rainbow Boa, but quick as these are at a GREAT price!

Next year we should have Hypomelestic Columbians as we have one male, who is stunning. We plan to breed him with our 66% het females and fingers crossed, should be able to offer Hypo babies!

There is also a chance that we have one Guyanan Rainbow Boa gravid, we suspect she will give birth towards the end of October. You don't see many of this species for sale, which is a shame as they have lovely marking and retain all their spots and colours. So watch this space, as these may also be available shortly.

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