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Our breeding group of Rainbow Boas

Tuesday, 2nd May 2006

We have been preparing vivariums for the past few weeks for some breeding groups of Rainbow Boa species that we have just received.

We now have a number of healthy and established species of Rainbow Boas groups that we are looking forward to breed this and future years to come. After their long trip, they are all settling in nicely and feeding well.

The species that we currently have are:

  • Columbian Rainbow Boas - we have a proven breeding group with some females 66% het for Hypomelanistic. There is also a Hypomelanistic male which we hope will be ready to breed next year, we are sure the young will be just as stunning as this male!
  • Guyanan Rainbow Boas - large breeding group with proven females. This species is one of the smallest of the Rainbow Boas and retains the patterning, unfortunarely they aren't as easily available as the above species.

We are still waiting for our Common Boa Constrictor to give birth - she's put on so much weight that we are sure she will give birth this month.

Our Egg Eating Snakes are feasting on Pigeon eggs and are putting on weight ready for breeding. This will be the first time we have bred Egg Eaters, so we will have to see how many eggs are laid and how easy it is to get the young Egg Eaters to feed. If we are successful, we are planning on breeding all three species.

Keywords: coloumbian rainbow boa, guyanan rainbow boa, rainbow boas,

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