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Protecting our Customers and Staff

Monday, 23rd March 2020

As from today and due to the ongoing situation with Coronavirus, Exotic Pets UK will be implementing some precautionary changes.

Only single shoppers will be allowed to enter the store (no groups)

This will give everyone reduced exposure and allow us more time to keep the important parts of the store clean.

Only three separate customers will be allowed to enter the store at any one time

We have limited space in our store so to be able to keep a good social distance it is important we allow customers comfortable spacing. We will be asking customers to use the two-metre distance according to the government guidelines when moving around the store or waiting to be served.


When entering and leaving the store all customers must use the hand sanitiser provided. Please refrain from unnecessarily touching anything in-store during your visit. 

We are continually cleaning down the store and warehouse to mitigate and safeguard the health of our staff and our customers.

Contactless payments

If possible, can we ask all customers to use contactless payment methods in-store.

Other services we offer

Until advised otherwise we will continue to operate as normal in-store and online but with sensible precautionary measures.

We do offer a Click and Collect service which allows customers to order online and collect in-store, during this time of social distancing we’d advise customers to utilise this service so we can prepare orders in advance of your visit.

We can also mail order items to you and we have been offering this service for 15-years, so if you are self-isolating or simply not comfortable coming to the store you can order online or by phone and we will get goods shipped to you.

Online orders

Our couriers are operating as usual, so we will continue to work hard to ship all orders as quickly as possible. Stock levels are at a good level on most lines and we continue to have daily parcel collections.

There has been some disruption with livefood bulk bags, but we have mitigated this situation by switching suppliers to livefood breeders nearby. This allows us to collect our orders once packed and ship to you as soon as possible, as well as us supporting local trade during this crisis.

We will continue to update customers if anything changes, however we would expect our online services to be the least impacted during this crisis.

Final note

Thank you for your support and ongoing custom during this very difficult time, please stay safe and remember that we are committed to supporting you our customers. Don’t be scared to pick up the phone.

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