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Expanding our breeding rooms

Wednesday, 26th March 2014

Some of you may know that we started building a brand new snake room last year. After re-looking into this, we can now see this isnít big enough for the amount of animals we are looking at producing; therefore we are having another move around.

Our stock levels of “on site” animals have started to decrease simply to help move the animals around much more smoothly. Our new snake room will be three times larger than it currently is; our Leopard and African Fat Tailed Gecko breeding room will be twice as big too. We will also have a dedicated Tarantula and Praying Mantis room which will also include a few other inverts such as a selection of Stick Insects and Scorpions.

Both Karen and Chris have experience in breeding different species; this will provide a selection of nice captive bred animals and inverts. Karen started breeding Praying Mantids in the year 2000 that saw over 20 species being kept and bred. Due to the time involved and expanding the business, she decided to take a break from breeding these but is now eager to start up again along with a few more projects.

Chris has one of the best knowledge in keeping and breeding Tarantulas; his success is very high, even on rarely bred species. Egg sacs are being laid and hatched, therefore our selection of spiderlings will constantly grow. He also has good knowledge on breeding Geckos and Snakes.

As the rooms start to move around, we will be adding photos onto our facebook page. If you “like” our page, you will see photos and updates of stock and information about shows etc.

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