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Exotic Pets on ITVs Alan Titchmarch Show

Thursday, 10th October 2013

Karen and Chris both met a number of celebs including Alan Titchmarsh, Steve Backshall, Anna Webb and Joanne Good not to mention a few others that were in the studios including Gary Barlow.

All the animals shown on the show require specialist equipment and research should be done before purchasing any pet. The first species to be discussed was the Bearded Dragon; these are an ideal beginner species for young or older people alike. Although the Dragons themselves may not be that expensive, the equipment required to keep them fit and healthy can go into the hundreds. They must have a large 4ft vivarium, special UVB lighting and heating along with a varied diet of live insects and vegetables.

The second animal discussed was the Brazilian Black Tarantula; another sort after species due to their docile and calm nature. As both Steve and Anna mentioned, Tarantulas are ideal for people that may not have much space; they don’t make any noise, do not smell however must be fed on live insects. They are also long lived; most species can live 15-25 years.

Axolotls which are classed as endangered in Mexico are now bred in large numbers within captivity; this was mainly due to their strange ability to regenerator limbs and vital organs. Captive breeding now means there is a selection of colours available. The natural colour is the “Wild Type”; these are typically green with black spotting, whereas some people like the White or Golden Axolotls. As Alan said on the TV show, “It’s a tadpole on steroids!” They are aquatic and will stay in the nymph stage all their life.

The final animal to be shown was the Hogg Island Boa, as Jo said these are still Boa Constrictors but a dwarf species. They are ideally suited for an older person or someone with experience with keeping snakes. They must be provided with all the correct equipment as all snakes require heat to digest their food. These are long lived and can easily live 20 years plus if looked after correctly.

We have added a photo of Karen and Chris with Steve Backshall just after the live show. Steve is such a chilled out down to earth guy who clearly loves his animals and animal adventures.

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