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Alternative live foods added to site

Tuesday, 11th August 2009

Providing your exotic pet with a varied diet is important for their health.

Recently added to the site, we have two new species of live food along with the availability of Silkworms.

Butterworms - these have a sweet fruity smell and range from yellow to orange in colour. These have to be one of the easiest live foods to keep and store. They will survive in a fridge for up to four months, no feeding or watering is required.

Phoenix Worms - compared to all other live foods, these small grub/maggot looking insects provide your exotic pet with a high content of calcium and phosphorus. These can safely be used as a staple diet.

Silkworms - these have been hard for us to source within the last few years. We are happy to inform our members that we should have a regular supply of young silkworms with larger ones becoming available at a later date.

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